Friday, 26 February 2016

Patch Update - Day 57

It's all a bit quiet at the moment. Last weekend I caught up with my first oystercatcher and today there were five on the river.

A little owl in the garden yesterday evening kept the list ticking along; I really can't believe it took until the end of February to find one. The garden is proving to be the best place for close encounters, with yellowhammer, tree sparrow and great spotted woodpecker gracing the feeders and lawn every morning.

Predicting that finding anything new was going to be difficult, I decided to spend the day trying to get a bit closer to some of my patch favourites. There have been three green sandpiper hanging about this year; one at the very bottom of the patch on a gravel beach adjacent to a wooded island; one in a muddy field grazed by sheep by the ox-bow lake; and the third at the very north of the patch, on the river beneath the thin strip of woodland opposite the church.

I filled my feeder at the church this evening and sat in plain sight to see what would turn up. The marsh tits are very bold and getting more boisterous and noisy. Great tits too tolerated my presence, but the other birds refused to come and take any seed. The trees erupted in screeching and alarm calls and a rabbit flew from cover. The culprit? A lovely fox that allowed me some fine views before it finally sensed my presence and bolted. Alas, the tangle of twigs and branches foiled the cameras autofocus and I wasn't able to get the shot.

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