Friday, 3 February 2017

January Round-Up

As last year ended, I'd pretty much convinced myself that I wasn't going to give up as much time to the Patchwork Challenge this year. I found that despite it leading to some great sightings and a significant increase in my knowledge of Thrintoft and its geography, it had led to me take fewer quality photos... and I have a lot invested in my camera and lenses!

However, every day I've had free this year has been on a grey day with poor light so I've taken to twitching instead of photographing. Annoyingly, the results have exceeded my expectations and I'm hooked again. The graphic below shows my year-on-year progress; by this time last year, I'd logged 65 species and this year that number is 66.

I find it interesting to note the species I've failed to find this year that I had seen by this time last year and vice versa.

Of greatest note, is the discovery of little grebe, siskin and pink-footed goose... three birds that eluded me for the whole of last year. Damn! Now I have to reach 105 species in 2017...

These pink-footed geese have hung around for a week...

Proper updates from here on in...

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