Sunday, 12 March 2017

A Great Weekend & Mid-March Round-up

Well... sometimes everything just comes together, and this was one of those weekends. I started out with a walk around the long river loop on Saturday morning where I bumped into Nick. It was grey and quiet, so Nick and I mused about what we might see and what we'd seen by this time last year. Weirdly, we discussed siskin (a bird Nick had not encountered yet), went our separate ways and within 5 minutes, a flock of 12 or more siskin settled in the alder I was under.

That pretty much capped Saturday, but on Sunday morning the weather was much better and I headed to the North of the patch. Unlike the day before, birds were everywhere, active and confiding. Bullfinches have been present in good numbers all winter, but finally this cow and bull allowed me close enough for a picture.

In the woods, another flock of siskin descended on me and I managed this record-shot (something of a classic of the genre... blurred, obscured, and uninspiring).

Other common birds flirted in the sunshine...

A walk around the fishing lakes turned up nothing. While returning through the wood, I saw a bird splashing in the river. My first thought was that it was a pigeon, but as I drew closer I was amazed to see this sparrowhawk. Occupied with what he was doing, he allowed me a good sequence of shots in difficult light, culminating with his puffed up drying in a riverside willow.

Out of the woods and into the fields, I spotted a small bird fly-catching. It was quickly accompanied by a singing individual; my first two chiffchaffs of the year.

Further along the hedgerow, meadow pipit and reed bunting were present in good numbers.

My favourite animal on Earth, feathered, furry or otherwise is the stoat. I can remember every day I've encountered a stoat and where; there's just something about them that I find so endearing. Today I had one of my best encounters ever. This individual spotted me, decided I wasn't a threat and just went about his business despite me. The sun was behind him, so he was difficult to photograph. Matters only got worse because he got so close (these images aren't cropped); at one point, he almost ran over my boot! Incredible!

Mid-March Round-Up

Since the end of January, I've added twelve new species to the year list, including jack snipe, whooper swan...

...and waxwing (all 2-pointers).

Also, making the list were golden plover (here with lapwing and shelduck... with a green sandpiper just out of shot)...

...goosander, skylark, linnet, red-legged partridge, canada goose and common gull. It means that I'm 3 species ahead of this time last year, missing out on barn owl, corn bunting, redpoll, redshank and red kite.


  1. You have some great birds on your patch! The photos are fantastic, especially the Sparrowhawk!

    1. Yes I do! And thank you very much... yesterday was the luckiest day I can remember on the patch, if only for close encounters with the commoner species